The theme “Roses X Universe” depicted carnal flowers of sensuality, including metal sculptures with soft fabrics and velvets. In 2003, the sculptures – in a reinterpretation of her earlier works from the 80s –incorporated paintings of cloudy skies and terrestrial views of space.  Roseswere covered with thorns on their skin and core. In the watercolor series “The Strangers,” these same roses invade human beings and become their heads, facial expressions and mouths with pointed teeth. Then Pietrina began to immerse the bodies in water, exposing deformations through light, reflections and mirrors on the surface. The water transforms itself into human forms in the series “Planet Water” which includes the sequence of blue paintings “We come from the Sea”. At the end of the decade, bodies spread out on the seashore in “Tropical Paradise”, this time languishing against the landscape of Rio de Janeiro, as seen by her on her arrival in Brazil in 1954.

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