2010 – Current

Tattoos began to decorate bodies tied in ropes and diluted in abstractions. The series “Musical Amoebas” showed human beings in fecundation and birth.In 2013, the artist reflected over her own previous work through black and white paintings. Anthropomorphic clouds invaded the landscape forming human shapes in the series “Ambiguous Couples”. In the year 2016, the series of paintings “Women Fake” made everything wonderfully attractive and false. In counterpoint, “The Living Earth” tells the story of the Earth in 31 watercolors, where it is visited in its innards as flesh and bones. In sculpture, Pietrina performed a set of interchangeable legs and then “Dolce Vita” brought tiny pieces under the same subject. Continuing her anthropological journey, came the “Cuttings”, condensing color and forms suggesting violence, reformulation and simplification. Finally in 2018 the “Musical Amoebas” find their parallel representation through luminous mobiles. 

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