70’s and 80’s

During the early 70s, “women” was the main theme: their femininity and poetry, shown through a somewhat “Kitschy” approach, a new sentimental and tacky aesthetics. In parallel, drawings and watercolors of nudes, including bodies and couples between silky cloths and colorful sheets.  Earthly landscapesbecame the human body itself through an exploration of forms, lights and shadows under the theme “Lumbras”: a focuson hands, feet, buttocks, navels, and mouths transformed the human body into new visual possibilities in harmony with nature.  In 1975 came the playful and erotic sculptures in bronze, fiberglass or polyester. At the end of the 70’s and during the mid-80’s, paintings with a visceral connotation, flesh, limbs and blood appearedwith titles such as “Carnations” and “Blood between the Fingers”. In 1985, “Air Sculptures”, made in bronze, incorporated air inside the sculpture space, exploring volume and space. Already at the end of the 80’s, it was the turn of the “counterweight sculptures”: parts of unstable, funny and wobbly body figures.

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